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Please remember that GhostHuntersFans.Net is an unofficial fansite and is not affiliated in any way with SyFy, TAPS, Pilgrim Films and Television, or any other entity representing the show, team, or investigators.

Site Birthdate: October 1, 2008

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Site Milestones

- October 2008 - Ghost Hunters Fans is founded
- August 2009 - The site undergoes a huge redesign and transformation
- September 2009 - We publish our first exclusive interview with GHI team member Paul Bradford
- Halloween 2009 - We recieve a record number of visitors at the time (over 270)
- December 2009- Our second exclusive interview with GHAs Heathyr Hoffman is published
- January 2010 - Just in time for the GHI season premiere, we interview Barry FitzGerald
- February 2010 - We move to our own domain name,
- March 2010 - In honor of the 100th episode of Ghost Hunters, we hold our first contest and give away t-shirts!
- Summer/Spring 2010 - Various TAPS team members start following us on Twitter, including Jason Hawes
- January 2011 - Site is redesigned again for the new year ahead
- September 2011 - A new design for the site featuring a cool looking TAPS van and team is debuted.

Before contacting us, please read the FAQ.

When will [insert GH/GHI/GHA season here] air in [insert country here]?
Because the show airs via different networks around the world, there is not one synchronized schedule. Check your local listings to see when new episodes will air.

Where did you get the header image?
It was created specifically for this site. Please do not use it without permission.

How do I get onto Ghost Hunters Academy?
When SyFy is looking for new "recruits" they will issue a casting call on their website. Interested persons can audition for a part and see if they are chosen for further review. As of now it is uncertain when the next casting call will be.

What happened to Steve & Tango? Did they leave the show?
Steve & Tango did not leave the show. They did, however, miss some episodes/investigations when they were away filming Ghost Hunters Academy.

What is the best way to contact the TAPS team?
The best way to contact member of TAPS would be through the TAPS website via their e-mails. You can find out more in the Ghost Hunters page.

Can you help me contact them?
Unfortunately, we have no more personal interaction with the TAPS team than you do, so we not in a position to do such things.

What happened to Britt Griffith? Was he fired?
Britt Griffith was fired by SyFy after he made some comments on a radio program of offensive nature. At this time he was filming some episodes with GHI and does appear in some early 2011 episodes.
Update: Britt has joined the team again and will be appearing in more episodes in the future.

Who is behind this site/GHFans?
That's a secret that you may never know...

Team Member Birthdays

Kris Williams - February 20
Adam Berry - March 9
Barry FitzGerald - March 18
Dave Tango - March 20
Susan Slaughter - May 1
Britt Griffith - May 28
Grant Wilson - July 3
Amy Bruni - July 10
Paul Bradford - September 7
Steve Gonsalves - October 23
Joe Chin - December 2
Scott Tepperman - December 16
KJ McCormick - December 22
Jason Hawes - December 28

I have a comment, question, suggestion for this website, what should I do?
Great! We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions! Please send them to e-mail address specified below.


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Disclaimer: GhostHuntersFans.Net is an unofficial fansite and is not affiliated in any way with SyFy, TAPS, Pilgrim Films and Television, or any other entity representing the show, team, or investigators. All original work 2008 - 2011.