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Season 1

1 - Altoona Tantrum
The team investigates claims of poltergeist activity in Altoona, PA. Evidence is found.
The Paranormal Casebook

2 - Mishler Theatre
Still in Altoona, PA the team heads to both the Mishler Theatre and the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum. Evidence is not found.
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3 - The Lighthouse Inn
TAPS goes to the Lighthouse Inn in New London, Conn and to the Stone's Public House in Ashland, Mass. Inconclusive evidence.
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4 - Race Rock Light House
The US coastgaurd ferries the team to Race Rock Lighthouse to investigate. Footage of chair moving confirms the location as haunted.
The Paranormal Casebook

5 - Eastern State Penitentiary
This episode is the one from which the now infamous "Dude, run!" quote originates. J & G believe the prison to be haunted and post the evidence online.
The Paranormal Casebook

6 - The Converted Church
Two of Steve's friends are concerned about paranormal activity in their home (a converted church). After some debunking, no evidence is found.
The Paranormal Casebook

7 - The Armory
An armory in New Bedford, Mass is found to be home to a violent entity when a soundman is attacked.
The Paranormal Casebook

8 - Fortuna and Topton
An apartment in Philadelphia, Pa.'s alleged hauntings are disproved. No evidence is found at the Topton House Pub.
The Paranormal Casebook

9 - New Boston Inn
A pen moves at the New Boston Inn, however no other evidence is found. The team turns up nothing at a private residence.
The Paranormal Casebook

10 - The Negative Entity
TAPS heads out to investigate a possible inhuman entity at the Johnson residence. Nothing is found. At the home of Adam Zubrowski two EVPS are recorded.
The Paranormal Casebook

Season 2

1 - Myrtle's Plantation
The team is found all of the way in New Orleans, LA at the Myrtle's Plantation. A lamp moves across a table.
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2 - Cranston and Grafton
Only bones are found at the Cranston home, not a single piece of evidence. Interesting evidence is found at the Grafton residence.
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3 - Return to Eastern State
A return visit to Eastern State reveals nothing of interest. Paula Odgen's home's investigation is inconclusive.
The Paranormal Casebook

4 - The Red Room
A TAPS family group joins the team to investigate a home in LA. Then they head to Brennan's restaurant to see a haunted dining room. No evidence is found at either location.
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5 - Mordecai House
At the birthplace of Andew Jackson in Raleigh, N.C Grant get sick and the investigation is quit. At the Battlestar North Carolina there is "greater than average" paranormal activity.
The Paranormal Casebook

6 - The Playhouse and The Firehouse
The Bradley Playhouse is found to not have any evidence. The Harris Firehouse has something "odd" going on.
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7 - The Ledge Lighthouse
Andy convinces J & G to investigate the Ledge Lighthouse, but claims and evidence are debunked. A brownstone in New York's investigation is uneventful.
The Paranormal Casebook

8 - Two Houses
A home in Springfield, Mass could have paranormal activity. The Sutcliffe House is found to be haunted.
The Paranormal Casebook

9 - Beechwood Mansion and Garden State
The team heads to Astor's Beechwood Mansion in RI and do some debunking. A residual haunting is taking place at the home of 'Mrs. X'
The Paranormal Casebook

10 - Dave Tango and Rolling Hills
J & G team up with Dave Tango and investigate the Worthington family home where evidence is inconclusive. At the Rolling Hills asylum J & G agree that something is going on.
The Paranormal Casebook

11 - R.M.S Queen Mary
In CA at the Winchester Mystery House no evidence is found. Video footage is tampered with at the R.M.S Queen Mary.
The Paranormal Casebook

12 - The Lizzie Borden House
In Ohio, the Mansfield Reformory is investigated and J & G decide to return for another investigation in the future. Despite its murderous past, no evidence is found at the Lizzie Borden House.
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13 - The Crescent Hotel and Dr. Ellis
Surprising evidence is collected at the Crescent Hotel. A medium's claims are validated.
The Paranormal Casebook

14 - Waverly Hills
The Waverly Hills Sanatorium gets the label of haunted by J & G.
The Paranormal Casebook

15 - Ghostly Grace and The Palladium
A house in Holliston, Mass., is found not to be haunted. The Palladium Theater is not some to any paranormal entity.
The Paranormal Casebook

16 - Red George and The Valentown Musuem
TAPS is in Jason's hometown and investigates claims of mysterious scratches on a baby. Evidence in the first case inconclusive. There is a lack of concrete evidence at the Valentown Museum.
The Paranormal Casebook

17 - Two Brothers and The Williard Library
Two brothers (who wish to remain anonymous) live in a haunted house where some evidence is collected by the team. Results of the Williard Library's ivestigation are inconclusive.
The Paranormal Casebook

18 - Hartford Conservatory
A couple who are uneasy in their home are presented with an EVP. TAPS investigates their first school, The Hartford Conservatory where claims are debunked.
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19 - St. Augustine Lighthouse
The St. Augustine Lighthouse in FL gives the TAPS team some of their most compelling evidence.
The Paranormal Casebook

20 - Domani's and the County Jail
The Domani's Restaurant in New Jersey seems to have some paranormal activity. St John's County Jail also seems like it may have paranormal activity.
The Paranormal Casebook

21 - The Stone Lion
J & G are referred to The Stone Lion Inn in OK where a playful ghost may be present. The home of Dave Edgerly in Mass. claims of the paranormal are debunked by TAPS.
The Paranormal Casebook

22 - The Stanley Hotel
The CO hotel that inspired Steven King's The Shining gets a visit by the TAPS team. J & G determine that the hotel is haunted.
The Paranormal Casebook

Season 3

1 - Tombstome
The Birdcage Theater in Tombstome, AZ is concluded to be haunted after collecting video footage and an EVP.
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2 - OK Corral
The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, AZ reveals inconclusive evidence. Unfortunately, a strong wind ruins evidence from the OK Corral.
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3 - Shadow People
The Johnson house in Vermont may have a spirit attached to it. West Virginia Penitentiary does not yield any solid evidence of a haunting.
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4 - Whispers and Voices
A private home lacks enough evidence to be called haunted. The Bucksteep Manor gets a debunking by the TAPS team.
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5 - Best of the Stanley Hotel
A recap of the live Stanley Hotel investigation. The hotel is determined haunted.
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6 - Attack of The Irish Elemental
The team (sans Steve) flies across the pond to Ireland to investigate Leap Castle. We meet Barry (see GHI) for the first time. Evidence is found.
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7 - Irish Ruins
Odd thermal footage is captured at Lisheen Castle. The Viaduct Tavern in London produces inconclusive evidence.
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8 - Hellfire Caves
TAPS thinks that Hellfire Caves is indeed haunted.
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9 - Nightmare Noises
Claims of activity at a private home are debunked. The second home investigated seems to have paranormal activity.
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10 - Toys of Terror
A homeowner is Chespeake, Va. claims are validated by TAPS. Steve leads the investigation of General Stanton Inn where evidence is found.
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11 - U.S.S. Lexington
The U.S.S. Lexington (now a museum) is probably not haunted. An invesigation of the Warwick City Hall is inconclusive.
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12 - Manson Murders
A Hollywood home near the site of the Manson murders has paranormal activity. Activity is found at the Charlie Chaplin Studios.
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13 - Lost Souls
The Northern State Hospital near Seattle is concluded to be haunted by something. Evidence is lacking after an investigation of the Seattle Underground Tunnels.
The Paranormal Casebook

14 - Spirits of San Francisco
Intriguing video footage is collected by TAPS at the Presidio. Strange EVPs are recorded at Lullaby Lane. Link *

15 - Ghostly Houseguest
A Seattle home produces some interesting findings. The Moore Theater has little evidence to prove it's paranormal claims.
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16 - Houses of the Holy
A church in Washington has something odd going on. The results from the Sprague Mansion's investigation are insconclusive.
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17 - Salem Witch
A mysterious reciept is printed at the Lyceum Bar and Grill. Nothing turns up at the Hawthorne Hotel. Jason has to leave to be with his son after an accident at home.
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18 - Sanatorium Live Results
The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, investigated by TAPS on Halloween night, is home to a host of spirits. The winner of Hunt for the Hunter is announced. Evidence is collected at the Harrington House.
The Paranormal Casebook

Season 4

1 - Fort Mifflin
Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia has a residual haunting taking place. Odd thermal footage is captured.
The Paranormal Casebook

2 - Two to Tango
TAPS is joined by Dave Tango's father during an investigation of a county prison. The prison appears to have a residual haunting. A possible poltergeist case is debunked.
The Paranormal Casebook

3 - Words from Beyond
The team checks out the Clapp Library in Belchertown, Massachusetts and a family's claim that their house has been haunted for four generations.
The Paranormal Casebook

4 - The Fear Cage
TAPS investigates the Cashtown Inn in Pennsylvania that was used during the Civil War. Evidence is captured of a picture frame moving.
The Paranormal Casebook

5 - Ghostly Bounty Hunter
A private home in Mass. does not produce any solid evidence. Prospect Place manion's investigation results are inconclusive.
The Paranormal Casebook

6 - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
The Pentagon clears TAPS to investigate the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Paranormal activity is captured on tape.
The Paranormal Casebook

7 - Ghostly Conversation
The Mt. Washington Resort in NH produces two interesting EVPS. In RI at the Ruff Stone Tavern is debunked.
The Paranormal Casebook

8 - Spirits of the Old West
The Goldfield Hotel in Nevada has some evidence to show for its hauntings. Little evidence is captured in the Old Washoe Club.
The Paranormal Casebook

9 - Haunted Asylum
TAPS invesigates the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and the location is confirmed haunted by the team.
The Paranormal Casebook

10 - House of Spirits
Interesting evidence is captured in a New England home. The Palace Theater seems to be haunted.
The Paranormal Casebook

11 - Widow's Watch
A home in Conn. produces some EVPS. At the Moss Beach Distillery, Jason & Grant find gimmmicks and fake ghosts, but not any real ones.
The Paranormal Casebook

12 - Garden State Ghosts
The Red Mill has some paranormal activity. Something is going on at Perth Amboy's Proprietary House.
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13 - Fort Delaware
Interesting thermal footage is caught at Fort Delaware.
The Paranormal Casebook

14 - Iron Island
The team visits a former funeral home with strange activity. The front door opens on its own and Jason & Grant see major shadow activity in the attic above them. They also hear footsteps above, despite the fact that there isn't a floor there. Several EVPS are recorded, including on in another language and another chilling one saying "Leave us alone".
The Paranormal Casebook

15 - So She Married An Axe Murderer
A sweatshop produces an EVP. The Pettibone Tavern is not haunted.
The Paranormal Casebook

16 - The Boy In The Brothel
TAPS visits a 16th century North Kingstown, R.I., landmark to solve an awful mystery.
The Paranormal Casebook

17 - Speaking With the Dead
Some evidence is collected at Buffalo City Terminal. The team communicates with what they believe to be a woman via the K2 meter.
The Paranormal Casebook

18 - Ghosts of the Sunshine State
Paranormal activity occurs at a Florida Inn. The Rennaisance Vinoy Hotel appears to be haunted.
The Paranormal Casebook

19 - Oak Alley Plantation
The Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana, despite being rich in history and beauty, does not turn up any evidence.
The Paranormal Casebook

20 - Bottled Spirits
TAPS visits a private home and a supposedly haunted winery.
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21 - Hometown Haunts
In Steve's hometown an EVP is captured at Theodore's and others are also found at a family's Victorian home.
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22 - USS Hornet
TAPS returns to investigate another legendary haunted naval landmark—the aircraft carrier USS Hornet in Alameda, CA. Results are inconclusive.
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23 - Ghost Hunters Live Roundtable Discussion
TAPS discusses the results from their live Halloween investigation. The fort is determined haunted.
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24 - All Access
Josh Gates hosts a Q & A session with the team while they look back on the success of the Ghost Hunters franchise.
The Paranormal Casebook

25 - Recycled Souls
The Clovis Avenue Sanatorium investigation results are inconclusive.
Link *

26 - Spirits on the Water
The Star of India and The Berkeley are investigated.
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27 - Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse
Three locations are investiagted around the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. Evidence is found.
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Season 5/a>

1 - Betsy Ross House
Evidence is found at the Hannum House. The Betsy Ross house does seem to have paranormal activity.
The Paranormal Casebook

2 - Star Island
Star Island in New Hampshire might have paranormal activity. Kimball Castle does not produce any evidence.
The Paranormal Casebook

3 - Edith Wharton Estate
TAPS invesigates the estate of author Edith Wharton. The results are inconclusive.
The Paranormal Casebook

4 - Club Dead
The Cuban Club is found to be haunted. Trelles Clinic requires further investigation.
The Paranormal Casebook

5 - Soul Searching
Evidence is found when TAPS returns to Belcourt Castle. Sacco's Bowling Haven's claims are easily debunked.
The Paranormal Casebook

6 - Titanic Terror
Ghosts seem attached to the relics of the Titanic. Gaither Plantation appears to be haunted.
The Paranormal Casebook

7 - Crossing Over
The GHI team investigates the Spaulding Inn which was recently purchased by J & G. GHI concludes that the Inn is haunted.
The Paranormal Casebook

8 - Garden State Asylum
The Essex County Sanitorium is found to be haunted by J & G.
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9 - Inhuman Entity
A human entity pretends to be an inhuman entity at a home in Mass. Evidence points to a human haunting. The Brentsville Historic Center has inconsclusive evidence.
The Paranormal Casebook

10 - I Am Not Guilty
The Samuel Mudd House produces an interesting EVP. The Edgewood Plantation is not haunted. The Paranormal Casebook

11 - Civil War Spirits
At the Thornberry Farm ,in Pennsylvania, an odd EVP is captured. TAPS is able to debunk a lot of caims at the Lee Fendall House in Viriginia. The Paranormal Casebook

12 - Essex County Penitentiary
Josh Gates (from Destination Truth) joins the TAPS team as they investigate the Essex County Penitentiary. Although they have numerous personal experiences, a follow up investigation is required before a verdict is reached. The Paranormal Casebook

13 - Judgement Day
The Ghost Hunters investigate a county courthouse and capture a figure on camera. A nineteenth century home is debunked.
The Paranormal Casebook

14 - Little Drummer Boy
TAPS heads to an old church and Benton House in Chicago, IL. Neither location produces strong evidence. The Paranormal Casebook

15 - A Bat Out of Hell
Meat Loaf joins TAPS as they investigate the home of the winner of the Great American Ghost Hunt. Although they have numerous personal experiences, only an off noise is captured. The Paranormal Casebook

16 - Glimmer Men
The Battleship USS Salem is paid a vist by the Ghost Hunters. Then, TAPS crosses the border and investigates a Canadian prison. Neither location yields enough evidence to be declared surely haunted. The Paranormal Casebook

17 - Fort Henry
Fort Henry is reputed to be one of the most haunted haunted locations in Canada. The Ghost Hunters find evidence and the location is determined to be haunted. The Paranormal Casebook

18 - Congress Theater
TAPS is in the Windy City investigating the Windy City. Two faint EVPS and one notable piece of footage on the Thermal lead J & G to think that some paranormal activity is occuring. The Paranormal Casebook

19 - Rocky Mountain Hautnings
The Ghost Hunters investigate Briarhurst Manor in Colorado and determine that the manor is haunted after capturing several EVPs. The Paranormal Casebook

20 - Ghost of Buffalo Bill
Eddie McClintock (from SyFy's "Warehouse 13") becomes an honorary TAPS member as TAPS hunts for the ghost of Buffalo Bill. Unfortunately, high EMF's emitted by power lines make the investigation almost impossible. Then the team is off to Georgia to investigate an 18th century home that produces one EVP and electrical problems. The Paranormal Casebook

21 - New Hampshire Gothic
An estate turned museum in New Hampshire produces shocking evidence ivolving a chain. Then the team is in Florida (sans Steve & Dave) investigating a saloon turned musuem. No evidence is found. The Paranormal Casebook

22 - Pensacola Lighthouse
TAPS investigates the Pensacola Lighthouse and after several personal experienes and audio of unexplained footsteps and voices they determine the lighthouse to be haunted. The Paranormal Casebook

23 - Mark Twain House
The house of famed writed Mark Twain is paid a visit by TAPS. During the investigation, the team is the witness to lots of activity. Unfortunately, the DVR hardrive crashes during evidence review and only a few odd noises are recorded. The Paranormal Casebook

24 - Unexplained Phenomena
TAPS visits the American Legion in Penn. where activity starts before the investigation begins. The team has numerous personal experiences and manages to capture an EVP and footage of a shadow moving. Case #2 brings them back to Conn. to the Old State House where things remain inconclusive. The Paranormal Casebook

25 - Hindenburg Crash Site
The Ghost Hunters visit Lakehurst Naval Air Base in NJ, the site of the Hindenburg crash. During the investigation, numerous shadows are seen lights turn off and on, and odd noises are heard. During evidence review, the team finds an interesting EVP response to one of their questions. TAPS is eager to come back again. The Paranormal Casebook

Season 6

01 - Live Alcatraz Episode
For their 100th episode, TAPS visits the infamous Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, CA. Barry F. & Dustin P. (GHI) also join the gang. The team witnesses shadows, hears answers to questions, smells odd scents, and argues (Steve & Tango)about snozberries. EVPS are recorded of voices saying 'No' and 'Harry Brunette..' (historically a prisoner involved in an FBI shootout)

See this episode on The Paranormal Casebook

02 - Fort Ticonderoga
The team visits the historic Fort Ticonderoga in upstate NY. The fort was used during the Revolutionary War and may soliders died at the location. Although Grant is absent from the investigation, Britt is there to help the team. All team members hear footsteps above them, Jason & Britt hear a door open, and Dave & Amy are able to debunk a claim by finding an outside staircase. Steve & Jason see a whole room illuminate itself and their claims are verified by Dave & Kris. Steve & Dave hear someone clear their throat (also captured on audio) while talking about phantom smells. Footsteps are recorded and the team concludes that the location has paranormal activity.

See this episode on The Paranormal Casebook

03 - Shamrock Spirits
Aired on St. Patrick's Day, TAPS investigates an irish pub in New York with unusual claims of paranormal activity. Several claims are able to be debunked and high EMF fields in the basement are considered a plausible cause of the strange reports down below. Then the team heads to the Harriet Beecher Stowe house, once home of the author of the controversial title "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Faint footsteps are recorded and reports of a bearded man are debunked by Dave, Kris, & Amy.

See this episode on The Paranormal Casebook

04 - Phantoms of Jersey
TAPS visits the US's 3rd tallest lighthouse, the Absecon Lighthouse in New Jersey and finds the elements to be more troublesome than the ghosts. Sounds of footsteps are debunked by Jason and Grant as rattling windows, however a piece of footage showing strange lights and a moving camera lead the team to suspect that there might be some activity. Next the team is off to an author's former residence and witnesses the sound of a door closing on its own and random EMF spikes. Some claims remain undebunkable and audio recorders capture a faint humming sound.

See this episode on The Paranormal Casebook

05 - Touched By Evil
Bruce Tango (father of Dave Tango) joins the team as they visit New Jersey's Civil War history steeped Southern Mansion. Reports at the location include unusual claims such as disintegrating glasses and phantom smells. During the investigation, a perfume like smell follows Jason while footsteps and odd noises come from the staircase. Kris hears a male voice in the kitchen, but Bruce's experiences are debunked by a circuit box. Britt & Amy see shadows and during evidence review, an EVP reveals 2 knocks in response to Dave. Amy & Britt's camera captures a door opening on its own, leading Jason to conclude that there is paranormal activity at the mansion.

See this episode on The Paranormal Casebook

06 - Haunted Reform School
TAPS ventures out to the west coast into Amy's (and my own) neck of the woods in northern California to investigate the Preston Reform School. The activity starts off early, when Jason & Grant see shadows darting around them and hear footsteps. Grant hears his name being called in response to a question (which is captured). When Britt & Amy visit the location, Amy spots a sharp outline of a figure. Steve & Dave attempt to communicate with the doctor and witness a cold spot, while Jason & Grant hear what sounds like a scream and a bed moving. Steve & Britt try to communicate with the spirit of a murdered woman. Grant & Dave hear footsteps and a door closing while investigating another door and the whole team has experiences throughout the location. Audio is captured of a woman's voice and a door opening with footsteps. Thermal footage shows a strange heat signature in a doorway.

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07 - Ghosts In The Attic
The team helps a family in Mass. who feels like their home is being taken over by paranormal activity. Jason & Grant follow something up and down the stairs, see shadows, hear odd noises, and witness a blu-ish(?) light illuminate a room. While conducting an EVP session, Kris & Amy hear a hissing sound, which is recorded and captured on tape. Upon evidence review, Steve & Dave also find two EVPs "Do you see me?" and "Yes". Then the team is off to the NJ Bar & Grill where Britt & Amy see a flashlight respond to their questions and Kris & Amy hear noises below them, in the apartment. An EVP is recorded of a voice during Kris' solo investigation of the basement.

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08 - Inn of The Dead
Joe Chin (GHI) joins the gang as they investigate the Orleans Waterfront Inn in Cape Cod with unusual claims of activity such as a nude dancing woman in the lobby and a room in which 2 different women went crazy. Two different employees hung themselves at the location and a woman was murdered outside. Grant & Jason visited infamous Room 5 and heard a scream from below. When Kris & Amy investigated another room their flashlight seemed to answer questions and footsteps were heard above them. Joe & Britt see a light obscured with a faint shadow. In the lobby Grant sees a dark figure dart behind the camera man and later Jason sees it also while the cameraman hears a bang. When evidence is reviewed, an EVP saying "Get[or Let] me down" is captured near the spot where a worker hung himself.

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09 - Spirits of the Night
A new member, KJ joins TAPS as they help a family in Mass. who is concerned about the safety of their children and who have experienced a wide array of activity. Jason and Grant hear noises above them while investigating in the living room and upon further investigation it seems as though a stroller is moving. KJ and Britt hear movement around them when conducting an EVP session in a bedroom and find odd EMF spikes throughout the house. Amy hears a child's voice during her and Kris' time in the hallway. Later, Grant and Jason hear heavy footsteps running around the basement and above them. Upon evidence review, the team finds an EVP of a girl's voice that confirms Amy's experience and another with a faint sentence being spoken. A video of a stroller reveals movement while nobody is in the house.

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10 - Norwich State
TAPS makes history as they become the first paranormal group to legally investigate the former Norwich Hospital in Preston, NJ. Jason and Grant see shadows in one of the medical buildings and their experiences are confirmed by Britt & KJ who also experience the acvitiy as well as hear scraping sounds across the floor in a different area. When walking down a hallway, KJ sees a shadow figure staring at them out of the corner of his eye and Kris and Amy explore the creepy tunnels under the hospital. They find a new building and hear footsteps as well as doors opening and closing. During the evidence review, footage is captured of a door opening during Kris & Amy's investigation and EVP of a dog yelping and a machine running. OAD: 9/18/10

11 - Haunted Hotel
Starting off the new season, the team heads off to upstate New York to check out claims of paranormal activity at the Otesaga Hotel. Jason & Grant hear noises in the Ballroom and the floor shakes. Later, in the same room, they hear faint voices. Kris & Amy use a flashlight and music box to commmunicate with a spirit in one of the rooms. When the music is played, the flashlight turns off and on, seemingly in conjunction with their questions. Lots of activity occurs on the fifth floor. KJ sees a full bodied apparation enter the hallway and dart through a door. When pursued by Britt, the shadow darts from the room he enters and disappears. Kris & Amy see shadows and hear voices near and around Room 307. In the lobby, Jason & Grant hear doors being slammed shut. During the night, one of the door in Room 373 closes while Kris & Amy sleep. The sound of bangs is recorded, as is also an EVP saying "Amy". OAD: 9/25/10

12 - America's Oldest Zoo
In a TAPS first, the team investigates America's oldest zoo locted in Philadelphia, PA. Amy & Kris hear faint knocks in the Treehouse Building. In the Solitude House, Jason & Grant hear footsteps above them from the staircase and the thermal camera moves on its own. Britt & KJ hear a loud bang while on the second floor. All the teams experience activity in the tunnel below the house. Jason & Grant hear a waltz and a conversation. Britt & KJ hear noises and feel movement around them. Kris hears a whisper while Amy is above ground. In the Admin building, Jason & Grant hear a door slam open after they hear the sound of rustling paper. Britt & KJ feel a cold spot and KJ sees a shadow peek around a corner in the Penrose Building. The whisper Kris hears and the knocks from the Treehouse building are recorded as is also an EVP asking "Where are they?". OAD: 9/1/10

13 - Uninvited Guests
The TAPS team in in New Hampshire, investigating the 1875 Inn. Jason & GRant hear knocks in response to their questions in the dining room. Kris & Amy hear the sound of a door slamming and voices in the apartment above. Britt and KJ experience some activity with the flashlight. In the Sanborn Room, Jason & Grant hear bangs and a female voice while the bed shakes. Evidence: EVPs: "Daddy", "No", female voice, converstion. Then the team goes to New Jersey and visits Shippen Manor. Jason & Grant hear running in the attic area and hear a box fall over in another room. Britt & Amy see a streak of light pass between them (possibly a bug) and later Kris & Amy hear a door downstairs. Jason & Grant see shadows in the parlor area. Evidence: EVPs: "Uh-oh", running/movement. OAD: 9/8/10

14 - A Shot In The Dark
The team's next investigation takes them to Concord's Colonial Inn in Massachusetts with 300 years of history. In Merchant's Row, Jason & Grant see a shadow block the light and hear noises coming from the kitchen area. Kris & Amy hear a door sqeaking while in the Liberty Room that they can't explain. Later, in Room 24, Britt & KJ hear scratches coming from the closet for the door closes twice while Britt is standing in the frame. Back in the Liberty Room, Jason & Grant find high EMF fields and hear faint sounds in other areas. Amy & Kris hear knocks in Room 24 and when Britt & KJ visit the lobby, they get answers in response to their questions via the flashlight method. Then they hear something loud drop in Merchant's Row. Jason & Grant hear doors moving in the kitchen. The sound of the squeaky door is recorded and video of the door closing is captured. OAD: 9/15/10

15 - Signals From The Past
TAPS investigates in their own backyard at the Rose Island Lighthouse, opened in the 19th century. Jason & Grant start off in the Keeper's Quarters where they get K2 hits near the closet and hear a little girl's voice call "mama". They also hear the sound of a kid running above them. Kris & Amy hear sounds from outside when they are investigating at the top of the lighthouse. Later, Jason & Grant call the team to command central when they see a mass appear on the thermal camera near the barracks. They head out immmediately towards the area and hear voices and conversations. Britt & KJ head over to the Keeper's Quarters to debunk claims of an opening door, but instead one of the doors opens on its own. The team is able to record the sound of the girl saying "mama" and video of a door opening behind Britt & KJ. The thermal footage of the mass is most compelling and a cross reference with the IR reveals a flash of light in the same area at the same time. Kris' research find a photo of a former keeper who bears a resemblance to a unexplained face seen in a photo. Next the team heads to Cooperstown, NY to investigate the Baseball Hall of Fame. Britt & KJ hear footsteps near the Ted Williams exhibit and when Britt sees a shadow run across the hallway, he chases after it, but is unable to find it. Jason & Grant hear what sounds like a girl on the second floor and Kris & Amy hear the men's room door open. Britt & KJ hear movement/a scream in the plaque area. They also find high EMFs that could affect certain people. EVPS are recorded of the girl's voice and another from near the plaques. The sound of the door opening is also recorded. OAD: 9/22/10

16 - Lemp Mansion
The team travels to St. Louis, Missouri to perform their first investigation of Lemp Mansion. On the third floor in Frederick's room, Jason sees a space on the wall get darker and a shadow peeks out from behind a doorway. Grant places a K2 meter in the "dark" corner and gets some responses. Britt & KJ then head to the former office area and hear a human groan behind them. Kris & Amy both see shadow play around the staircase in the basement when a small floor light is blocked out and they hear noises from above. They pursue the sounds, but the source keeps moving. Grant & Jason then head back to Frederick's room and run into a cloud of a disgusting smell that causes Grant to almost throw up. In the atrium, Britt & KJ hear sounds outside the door and what seems like an old man mumbling. Jason & Grant have a unique experience in the Lavender Suite. Jason quietly asks an entity to whisper a word into Grant's ear in the other room and few minutes later Grant says that he heard the same word. This happens on two occasions with "atlantis" and "comet". Britt & KJ get some knock responses in the cellar area. During evidence review, the team captures the sound of something dragging above them and the groan that Britt & KJ heard in the atrium. OAD: 9/29/10

17 - Grammar School Ghosts
TAPS packs up their gear and heads to the Milton School in Alton, Illinois with GHI's Joe Chin (without KJ). Jason and Grant pick up strange K2 hits in the girls' shower room and when they head toward the boys' shower room they hear a loud pop that startles Jason. Britt & Joe investigate the boiler room and hear loud footsteps above them while lights seem to appear at the end of the hallway. During an EVP session in the boys' shower room, Jason & Grant hear (and so do Britt & Joe) a loud bang and see sparks. They are unable to find anything charged that would have caused that experience. Amy hears faint knocks in the girls' shower area and Joe & Britt hear a "shhhh" outside the girls' bathroom in the hallway. They also hear a whisper and moan. Grant & Jason are unable to debunk claims in the gym and Amy sees a light from the corner outside the boiler room after hearing footsteps in the same area. Amy mentons that she feels a heavines in the room. The team records the loud sound of footsteps heard by Britt & Joe as well as record some of their experiences on tape. OAD: 10/6/10

18 - Time to Get Touched
After finishing Academy, Steve & Tango reunite with the team to investigate the Thurber House in Ohio. Jason & Grant debunk the sound of footsteps going up the stairs, but are confused when a mantle clock face pops on on its own and surprisres the cameraman. Kris & Amy hear footsteps above them in the parlor room. When Steve & Tango investigate the mantle clock, they both hear shuffling on two seperate occasions. In the gift shop, Kris & Amy hear a popping sound. The shuffling sound heard by Dave is recorded as is also video of the clock face opening. The clock is taken to an expert, who says that it is in excellent shape and shouldn't just open at random. The team then heads toward the coast to investigate the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, NY. All of the activity experienced centers around the third floor/Walworth Mansion area. Jason & Grant hear a male voice and then a conversation after getting intermittent K2 hits. While in the Red Bedroom they hear a dropping sound and the floor seems to shake. Steve feels someone tapping him while checking the miniDV for a chiming sound and Kris feels someone touch her hair as she and Amy hear noises. Faint audio is recorded of the conversation and of the chiming sound. OAD: 10/13/10

19 - The Chopping Block
TAPS returns to Mansfield, Ohio to investigate the Bissma Building. Since the site is a large one, Britt & KJ are invited to investigate with them again. In the basement, KJ & Britt see shadows moving and KJ feels something tug on his shirt. Above them on the 3rd floor, Jason & Grant hear a male voice and footsteps (which are also heard below). Steve & Dave are able to debunk claims in the basement when they realize the strange ways that the windows cast shadows. They are able to see multiple "figures" when KJ walks by. A door jiggles near Kris & Amy in the 1st floor offices. Jason & Grant see shadows in the garage area and Steve finds high EMFS around the elevator shaft. Britt & KJ are investigating on the 3rd floor when they hear water dripping and Britt chases after a shadow. Kris & Amy are startled when a pump goes on the basement. A bang is recorded, footsteps around Grant, a faint voice (saying "hello"?), and more footsteps in any empty room. OAD: 10/20/2010

20 - The Oldest House In Georgia
The team is back in New York to go the prison, or at least look for ghosts in one. The Old Ulster County Jail in Kingston, NY proves to be home to many unexplained noises. Jason & Grant hear footsteps and cell doors closing on the first floor in the women's cell block. Kris feels something touch her three times, when she and Amy are on the second floor near the utility corridor. Steve & Dave hear a popping hear in the same area Jason and Grant heard doors closing earlier. Kris & Amy head to the third floor where they see movement and hear a chain like sound. Jason & Grant hear noises below and hear more footsteps and moving doors. Several pieces of audio evidence are recorded including a whisper, footsteps, and a cell door moving. TAPS then goes south to the Antebellum Plantation in Georgia. Jason & Grant find activity surrounding the staircase in the Thornton House. They hear knocks and footsteps above, a voice, and a name that sounds like "Margaret". Steve & Dave encounter something alive in the slave shacks and Jason & Grant see a strange ball of light in one of the barn windows. A male voice is recorded in the slave shack in addition to footsteps. OAD: 10/27/10

21 - Home Is Where The Heart Is
After a long wait, the team finally investigates two of finalists of the Great American Ghost Hunt. First up is Beardslee Castle in NY, where Grant & Steve take the lead in Jason's absence. On the first floor, Steve & Grant are able to debunk the claims of opening doors (they open easily when other doors are pushed) and strange lights (lots of reflections and rough surfaces). Grant hears what souns like singing and Amy also hears it from below in the basement. They hear several noises at the same time. Steve & Grant find high EMFs around the bar (possibly giving people a creepy feeling) and also hear distinct footsteps. Kris & Tango hear these from above, as well as other knocks and sounds. Amy & Britt wonder if there is an electrical explanation to the balls of light people have reported in the basement. An EVP saying "Yes" is recorded, as is also the sound of knocking and an exhalation. The team in uncertain if the video they captured is paranormal or prank in origin. Then Jason joins back with the team to investigate the Olson House in Savannah, Ga. Jason & Grant hear noises on the first floor and Jason hears footsteps approach on the second floor landing. Amy sees a light from the other room whil they are in a bedroom. Steve & Dave do not experience anything in the attic. The knocks heard by Jason & Grant are recorded on video. OAD: 11/3/10

22 - Empire State Haunt
Before the TAPS heads to Fort William Henry, Britt & Kris leave to investigate with GHI and Adam Berry (from GHA) joins the team. In the 18th century fort, Jason & Grant hear footsteps above them in the gift shop in a closed area. Amy & J hear more noises from the ceiling in the Sutler shop and see movement in the corner. Steve & Dave hear a cough in Col. Monro's office and Adam encounters a porcupine outside the fort. Jason & Grant also find numerous bee hives in the cannons along with other animals, which could debunk the claims of strange noises. Video on the DVR offers a possible explanation to the claims of apparitions and an EVP is recorded saying "Whatever". The episode concludes with a review of the live Buffalo Central Terminal investigation and evidence reveal. Two EVPS are recorded saying "yeah" and "Tango". A thermal hit is also captured, showing a strange heat spot near Jason. OAD: 11/10/10

23 - Sloss Furnaces

Meat Loaf joins the team as a guest as they investigate the sprawling machinery of Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. Jasom, Grant, & Meat hear tunning on the catwalk and a voice in response in the blowing engine room. A figure that looks remarkably like Steve is seen walking by the window, even though Steve himself is not near them. Amy & Adam hear strange noises and chains moving later in the same area. In the tunnel area, Grant, Jason, & Meat get K2 hits with a spirit named "Paul", but running water causes problems for recording audio. Steve & Tango see a brownish figure duck out twice and hear scurrying around the ladle car outside. During the second night, Steve, Dve, & Meat smell mothballs in the tunels. Grant feels someone push him and Jason hears the phrase "Hey Look" while they are investigating in the tunnels. Steve, Dave, and Meat hear a metallic bang from a moving beam in the blowing engine room. Adam, Amy, & Meat get more K2 hits in the tunnels and also see a figure move in front of the laser grid that they set up. During evidence review, Steve, Tango, & Adam find an EVP of a girl and a video with a figure of a man. OAD: 11/17/10

24 - TAPS Meets the Real Housewives of Atlanta
The team investigates Rhodes Hall in Atlanta, Georgia. Before the investigation begins they are joined by Real Housewives of Atlanta. In the first floor foyer, Jason , Grant, & the housewives hear thumping and a cough. In the basement, Kris & Amy hear movement by a wood pile and feel something touching their faces. However, when Steve & Dave enter the basement later, they do not experience any of the same activity. On the second floor, Jason & Grant hear music and the rustling of a dress. Down below on the first floor, Steve & Dave are able to debunk claims surrounding the mirror and a locking door. Kris, Amy, & the housewives experience sounds on the third floor. A voice saying "No" and footsteps are recorded on audio. OAD: 12/1/10

25 - Ghost of Christmas Past
TAPS heads to New Hampshire for a Christmas-themed episode investigation of the Christmas Farm Inn. In the carriage house spa, Jason & Grant see an unexpected thermal of a plant and hear the sound of footsteps. Adam & Amy hear a tap from above and hear a loud bang while in the kitchen. Steve & Dave head to the dining room and capture hazy photos that seem to have no explanation. They also find expected high EMF around the electrical devices. Jason & Grant are able to debunk claims of sounds in Room 12 when they discover that sound travels in easily from outside. Steve & Dave hear the sound of a little kid running twice in the carriage house spa, but don't experience the same thing on the second floor. The sound of the bang heard in the kitchen and the kid running are recorded and the strange photos remain unexplainable. The team then heads to New York to the Old Stone Fort where, on the second floor, Jason & Grant hear giggling and movement on a wicker chair nearby. Steve & Dave can't debunk claims surrounding the tower and Amy & Adam hear noises on the second floor. Jason & Grant find evidence of animals on the tower, which could explain the "screams" people have heard. Dave & Steve explore the cemetery and see obvious explanations for paranormal claims. An EVP is recorded saying "You". OAD: 12/8/10

Season 7

1 - Haunted Town (Season 7 Premiere)
For the first time ever, the TAPS team investigates three locations at the the same time in Alexandria, Louisiana: Hotel Bentley (HB), Finegan's Wake (FW), and Diamond Grill. Jason and Grant find high EMFs, hear movement, and see a shadow in the kitchens of the DG. On the first floor of FW, Steve & Dave try to debunk claims of activiy, but are unsuccessfull. Amy & Adam find more high EMFs, hear a voice, and door move on the third floor of the DG. In the lobby of the HB, Jason & Grant hear numerous noises, see movement, and experience a strange feeling. Up on the third floor, Steve & Dave hear thumps and knocking. Amy & Adam witness their laser grid turn over, but it is quickly debunked. Downstairs Dave trips himself on the stairs and Steve notices how reflective the columns are. Jason & Grant see a flash of light on the mezzanine and hear footsteps in the basement. The light is captured on film, as are also EVPS saying "Hey, Adam", "I'm Sorry", singing, a whisper, and footsteps. OAD: 2/23/11

2 - Pennsylvania Asylum
The team heads to Pennhusrt Asylum in Philadelphia with a new TAPS van. In the tunnels, Jason & Grant hear loud whispering, bangs, and walking, as well as "Spring City". Steve & Dave hear footsteps in the basement of the Quaker Building. On the third floor of the Mayflower Building, Amy & Adam hear dragging and a door moves. Up above, they hear footsteps and see movement near a closet. Jason & Grant then investigate in the Devon building, where they hear distant sounds and see figures. Amy & Adam see movement around the laser grid and hear moans in the tunnels. On the second floor of the Quaker building, Steve & Dave hear a loud bang that they later trace to a window frame. However, there is no breeze that could have blown the window. Jason & Grant find debunkable pulsing K2s in the basement and Amy & Adam hear cows from across the street. The team records footsteps, a voice saying "go home", and creepy giggling. OAD: 3/2/11

3 - Century of Hauntings
TAPS returns to their roots and heads out to help a family at the Voas House in Oxford, Mass. On the first floor, Jason & Grant hear knocks above and rapid footsteps. Amy & Adam can detect faint movement and hear pacing in the basement. Steve & Dave attempt to debunk claims of an apparition near the door and record a whisper on their recorder. Jason & Grant then conduct an experiment on the second floor bedroom and discover that sounds easily enter the room from the outside, debunking claims of phantom voices. Amy & Adam hear a sigh and possibly a voice in the first floor bedroom. Amy conducts some research and learns that a shoe found on the property is of historic value and a supposed piece of "hair" is actually just rope. Footsteps and stomps and recorded, as is also a "yeah" in response to comments about a creepy doll. The team then investigates America's oldest steel hull battleship, the USS Olympia. Due to limited space, the ivestigators wear mounted cameras and investigate the location without a camera crew. Jason & Grant hear footsteps in the Officer's Quarters. Steve & Dave can hear coal like sounds in Boiler Room #5. Amy & Adam feel a strange sensation near gun #2 (deathplace of former USS Olympia crew member) and hear a knock from a locked door. Jason & Grant hear a male voice in the boiler room, but can debunk the sound of foosteps due to a waving flag above. Audio recordings capture a gasp as well as footsteps and a door opening. Video shows a door lock swinging. OAD: 3/9/11

4 - French Quarter Phantoms
TAPS packs their bags and travels to New Orleans to investigate the Old US Mint Museum located in the French Quarter. Steve & Dave see a door open and close right in front of their eyes on the second floor. Jason & Grant hear footsteps and voices on the second floor. They also find K2 hits and see a shadow at the end of the hallway. KJ, who joins the team when they arrive, hears noises in the jail with Amy. Amy thinks she sees a production member behind their camera operator, but later discovers that it was actually an apparition. Steve & Dave hear a mechanical noise in the lobby and are able to attribute it to an elevator (which almost causes Steve to loose some precious fingers). Jason & Grant hear numerous noises above, below, and in between them while investigating the old jail. On the second floor, Amy & Adam hear thumps and rustling. While using the geophone (used to detect earth movement), Steve & Dave see a flash of light above and hear footsteps retreating. However, it is impossible for any person to get away without them noticing, so the cause may have been paranormal. The team records shuffling in a store room, footsteps, and an unexplained moan. OAD: 3/16/11

5 - Hotel Haunts Unleashed
The team welcomes a new member, Maddie, who becomes their first canine paranormal investigator. TAPS heads toward Mount Rushmore to investigate the Hotel Alex Johnson in South Dakota. Maddie reacts to EMF fields on the 10th floor caused by wiring, giving Jason & Grant a chance to study her body language. They also hear mechanical noises and movement. Dave hears a loud bang in a crawlspace beneath the 10th floor in response to his question, as Steve scans the area above with a tablet. In Room 812, Amy & Adam are able debunk claims of phantom writing on the mirror and also find a funny message from Jay & Grant. Grant thinks he sees a thermal hit of a figure on the 10th floor. Amy & Adam feel something touch their heads and find a floating EMF field in Room 304. Steve and Dave see something distort the laser grid in the ballroom and hear a loud knocking. Jason feels something blowing on his head in Room 304, a similar experience to Amy & Adam. Amy takes an IR picture in Room 812 which shows a strange mist, but is later debunked. The thermal figure on the 10th floor seen by Grant is also attributed to a reflection of a camera man. A few strange noises and voices are recorded. OAD: 3/23/11

6 - Frozen in Fear
In the midst of a very cold and frozen environment, the team ferries across to Mackinack Island and the Mission Point Resort. Jason, Grant, & Maddie hear movement and Maddie checks out a corner with high EMFs. KJ, Steve, & Dave hear noises in the main lodge. Amy & Adam conduct an EVP session with "Harvey" (who supposedly committed suicide) in RM 2345. Jason & Grant hear a "hello" and a door opening in the main lodge. Steve & Dave try a new method of collecting EVPS by using pre-recorded questions on the sound stage. When they head up to the second floor, Jason & Grant hear voices and footsteps. KJ, Amy, & Adam hear movement and strange pops in the theater. Amy hears movement around her and a voice. Steve & Dave turn on a sauana to try to debunk claims of an apparition and Jason hears footsteps in the second floor bedroom when he sleeps. A video shows a lamp turning on in Jason's bedroom. A voice is recorded and an exctitable "hee" is captured in the theater. Steve & Dave get some results from their EVP experiment. OAD: 3/30/11

7 - Residual Haunts
TAPS packs their equipment and heads north to Maine to investigate Fort Knox. Jason & Grant hear movement and breathing in the Long Alley. They also see something distort the laser grid and a strange thermal "snake". Steve & Dave find strange EMFs and hear shuffling in Two Step Alley. Amy and a returning Britt find uneven floors and hear footsteps in casemate 7. Britt sees a red light that could possibly be a refelction. In the Officer's Quarters, Jason & Grant get K2 hits. Amy & Adam see figure in the laser grid down Two Step Alley. During evidence review, the team is able to debunk the thermal hit as a a wire by cross referencing with another camera. They also record breathing and dragging. Amy helps Grant present the evidence due to Jason's absence. The Ferrell House in North Carolina produces little evidence of the paranormal. At one point, Grant thinks his hair has been pulled, but soon finds a vent above him. Steve & Dave don't find any strange hits on the thermal when sweeping outside and creaky floor in the dining room is a possible explanation for the family pet's strange behavior. The team does record a garbled and male voice in the area where the dog feels most comfortable. OAD: 4/6/11

8 - Knights of the Living Dead
The team takes a step back in time when visiting the Higgins Armory in Mass. which is home to many medieval artifacts. Jason & Grant hear a door opening and see chains swinging on a torture device near the Quest Gallery. Amy & Adam hear movement down below in the conservation lab. Britt & Dave (Steve is sick during this case) hear hard-soled footsteps in the Great Hall. Amy & Adam also hear footsteps in the gift shop. Britt & Dave find the museum's sound system and consider it a possible explanation for the strange sounds reported. Maddie joins Jason & Grant on the fourth floor where they hear many noises and Maddie tracks something unseen. Dave & Britt are able to debunk claims of doors closing on their own (the doors take a time to shut) on the second floor. In the Great Hall, Amy & Adam hear squeaking, bangs, and a male voice. Britt & Dave do some questionable "invesigating" in the basement which involves a lot of playing with swords. The team is able to document footsteps with the geophone, voices, and video of the chain moving on its own. OAD: 4/13/11

9 - A Solider's Story (Mid-Season Finale)
The team travels to Mass. to investigate the Sterling Opera House (built in the 19th century). Jason & Grant hear whispers and get erratic K2 hits in the dressing rooms. Steve & Dave find lots of debris and hear footsteps in the subbasement while using the laser grid. Amy & Adam see shadow play and try to entice a spirit to play with a ball in the main stage area. Although they expect to find high EMFs in the city hall meeting room, Jason & Grant don't detect any and determine that the room itself has a creepy, "hospital" feeling due to its high windows. Dave performs a magic trick on the stage which triggers some loud noise in the seats. The team is able to capture various sounds and voices. For their second case, the team helps out a solider's wife and kids who are scared of their North Carolina home. Jason & Grant can't make a clock fall off the wall in the kitchen and hear footsteps in the living room. Steve & Dave don't find any high EMFs in the kid's room and Jason & Grant hear strange movement in the nursery. TAPS records moving sounds and two faint voices. OAD: 4/20/11

10 - Pearl Harbor Phantoms (Special Episode)
For the first time, the TAPS team heads to Hawaii to investigate the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor, site of the infamous December 1941 attack. They are joined by Destination Truth's Josh Gates and Britt Griffith (w/o Steve). Jason, Grant, & Josh hear movement, find random K2s, and see a window get blacked out in Hangar 79. Dave & Britt are able to find high EMFs in the artifacts trailer that could be the cause of claims of paranormal activity. Back in Hangar 79, Amy & Adam first hear noises and then see a bright light. Dave & Britt set up a full spectrum camera in the same area in hopes of catching the light on camera. While they are looking for animals on the thermal, Jason & Grant hear footsteps above them in Hangar 79. When Amy, Josh, & Britt team up for a flashlight session in Hangar 37, the flashlight lights up and rolls away (twice), before staying silent the rest of the night. Jason, Grant, & Josh hear walking and see a low moving shadow in Hangar 37. Dave discovers that the word "bullet" seems to cause some activity in Hangar 79 and in Hangar 37 Jason & Grant hear running. Josh, Britt, & Dave see a shadow that turns into a light source later in the same hangar. OAD: 6/1/11

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