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This page is all about the fans! You can find fan art, videos, encounters, photos, stories, whatever you can imagine that has something to do with Ghost Hunters and its awesome fans on this page. Since this page is devoted to everything fan created, it depends on you for submissions and additions. If you have anything you think would find a home on this page (or could be added in any way, shape, or form) feel free to send it to [email protected]. Remember, without you this page won't be as awesome as it can be!

Fan Favorite Quotes

"What the frig?" or "What the fetch?" - Grant Wilson

"Now what do we do about that?" - Steve Gonsalves (when two doors open on their own)

"When in doubt, get the hell out." - Jason Hawes

"DUDE, Run!" - Brian Harnois (This quote is infamous).

"Prior. Prior means before, Dave." - Steve
"I know that!" - Dave Tango

"Did you see that?" or "Did you hear that?" or "What was that?" - Everyone has said this many times

"Here comes Jersey!" - Dave Tango

"You...are...a little piece of sh*t" - Dave Tango

"I'm going to hell" - Amy Bruni

Any time when anyone is provoking. :D

"Freakin' mannequins- don't you move on us...!" - Grant Wilson

"We've done a lot today in the name of science. Our bodies are gonna be upset with us. Mine's already pissed." - Steve Gonsalves

"It's your friendly neighborhood ghost hunters!" - Jason Hawes

"That was so a cow." - Amy Bruni

"WHAT!" - Adam Berry

"We just saw an actual murder." - Dave Tango

"It does- there's a lot of sewage pipe..." - Grant
"Oh, my God- did you fart?" - Jason
"I did not fart." - Grant

"I learned stuff, doesn't mean I retained it all." - Dave Tango

"I don't care at all what the skeptics think of what we're doing because they don't need help. There are people who need help in their homes. Who's helping them? Are the skeptics going to help then? No!" - Grant Wilson

More:This YouTube video features some funny moments from the show and WikiQuotes has a few more notable quotes from the show. If you think another quote should be added to this list, send us a tweet.

Fan Art

Fan Photos

Fan Poems

A TAPS Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the place,
Not a creature was stirring, except TAPS on a case.
All the K-II’s were ready, held tightly in fists
In hopes that a ghost’s message wouldn’t be missed.
The cameras were perched way up high on a shelf
Just to catch any spirit that might show itself,
And Jason with a thermal, and Grant with a light
Had declared, “Let’s go dark,” and settled in for the night.
When up in a bedroom they both heard a loud CRASH!
So off to investigate Jay and Grant dashed.
Away to the second floor they flew in a hurry—
Up the stairs, down the hallway those ghost hunters scurried.
The screen of the thermal as Jay scanned the room through
Showed the usual shades of dark greens and blues,
When what on the thermal’s clam shell should appear
But a human-shaped figure slowly coming near.
Then it stopped, then it faded, and it vanished so quick
That they both wondered aloud, “Was that our spirit?”
Not missing a beat, to Grant’s side Jason came;
Jay pulled out a recorder, and Grant asked, “What’s your name?
My name’s Grant; this is Jason; we’ve got Tango and Steve,
And Adam and KJ, and Amy Bruni.
Could you please move an object? Could you please make a sound?”
Then they sat and they listened and they looked all around.
As sneaky kids snoop for Christmas gifts, unashamed,
Jay and Grant search for clues to debunk the claims.
So all through the upstairs they searched high and low,
But they could find nothing, so they both turned to go.
Then the very next moment they saw on the wall
The shadow of something go fast down the hall.
As Grant dashed to the door and peered into the dark,
Down the hallway he swept his flashlight in an arc.
All was still in the hallway; the shadow had disappeared.
Now as he planned his next move, Jason tugged at his beard.
A sudden sound from downstairs made Grant jump and exclaim,
“What the frig?” and then louder the noise again came.
Their ears—how they listened, though the sounds soon abated.
Their senses were heightened as they silently waited.
More determined than ever, they both crept down the stairs;
They went into the living room, sat down in a chair.
On a table between them Jason set the K-II,
Hoped the elusive spirit would answer a question or two.
He explained how it worked, said, “light the lights for a ‘yes;’”
Then he sat back and crossed his arms over his chest.
Jay and Grant both asked questions, but the lights didn’t light.
And they hoped EVP’s would show up from that night.
As it does on all cases, away the time flies,
And their time there soon ended, with the sun on the rise.
And then over the walkie, Jason said, “Guys, let’s wrap;”
Then they tore down and packed up the vans in a snap.
Jason hopped in the van, and to Grant gave a shout,
And with a wave to the homeowners, they all headed out.
But an eerie voice called as they drove out of sight,
“Merry Christmas, TAPS team; I wish you a good night!”

Featured Fans

We really love our visitors and as a way of saying THANK YOU to all of our awesome fans we want to feature YOU on the site! Occasionally we will feature a different Ghost Hunters fan and site visitor by posting their photo (if desired) on this page along with a mini interview. Fans of all ages are invited to participate. If you want to become a featured fan, e-mail us at [email protected] with 'Featured Fan Application' as the subject and tell us why you should be the next featured fan.

NOTE: If you have previoulsy sent an application in, please send in a second one to be considered.

#3 Featured Fan - ?? - ??

If you were a ghost, which GH investigation site would you haunt? Why?
Definitely The Stanley Hotel, there was evidence that the hotel is haunted and loved watching Jack Nicholson in the movie The Shining. Ironically, I always wanted to work in a hotel, but never was hired!!!

Who's your favorite TAPS team member?
It's definitely Jason, but I love them all!

What (in your opinion) is the best evidence the team has caught?
I love when the flashlight goes on when asking questions, but I am amazed by the voices on the recording too.

If you could ask a ghost a single question only, what would you ask them?
What is your purpose being here?

How did you become a fan of the show?
I've always loved watching scary movies especially a good ghost story, I came across Ghost Hunters, and I've been hooked ever since.

Anything else that you would like to add?
Yes, I strongly believe in the Paranormal, I've seen myself a ghost where I work.It was a young Chef in black stripped pants & his white jacket, he stood therein a corner and just smiled. Also, I've met Steve & Tango last summer at the Frankenstein Museum in Lake George, NY. I am hoping there will be more investigations in Saratoga Springs, NY and I can meet Jason & Grant!I Love Ghost Hunter's Show, and all of you!!!!


#2 Featured Fan - Judy Manning - Carson, CA

When did you realize that you were a fan of Ghost Hunters?
A few years ago, maybe 2005 - saw some reruns on SyFy and I was hooked!

Which location is your favorite, of all TAPS has visited?
Queen Mary, Haunted Asylum in WV, Eastern State Penitentiary, some of the private residence but can't think of names of the episodes.

Have you ever met any of the Ghost Hunters themselves? Do you plan on doing so?
I have never met any of the cast; would love to but don't know how to go about doing that.

Have you done some ghost hunting yourself?
I haven't actually gone out to ghost hunt - I lack the proper equipment/tools for EVP or digital/thermal imaging, but I have had some personal experiences that have impacted me.

Anything else that you would like to add?
I am fascinated by the paranormal and believe there are other things inhabiting the space around us besides just air. I hope one day to actually see it again for myself. Love the cast (Jason, Grant, Kris, Amy, Steve, Tango)- they really are dedicated to their craft and not faking evidence; they also have compassion for their clients (whether at home visits or on location somewhere). I love the GHI team too (Rob, Barry, Dustin, Joe). I love Steve & Tango on GHA - saw their tour bus pass through Torrance, CA last year in Oct I think. Posted a photo of it on my Facebook.


#1 Featured Fan - Dena Dixon - Virginia Beach, VA

How did you get introduced to "Ghost Hunters"?
It's funny- we had a co-worker several years ago who, as it turns out, was a huge fan of the night when we were done for the evening, she turned it on, and I recall thinking, "Oh, no- I'm not into that creepy stuff like that," or something along those lines...little did I realize that, all this time later, I myself would become hopelessly (and very happily, I might add) hooked on the show myself... In all honesty, I don't recall exactly how I got into the show- I'm pretty sure I decided to give it a watch at one point just to see what it was all about- but, at any rate, to say that I'm glad I did would be the biggest understatement of all-time.

What's the craziest Ghost Hunters related antic you've done?
Actually, that would be the craziest thing I DIDN'T do-- and that's discover the show sooner. My loss.

Who's your favorite investigator?

Check out this TAPS-centric "sanctuary"! If this doesn't make Dena the ultimate fan, what else will?

Which episode is your ultimate favorite?

If you could ask a spirit just one question, what would it be?
"Could you please tell my Mom I love her and miss her?"

Do you do any paranormal investigating of your own?
Never have-- can you BELIEVE that? I need to, day, I'll make it to one of the larger-scale TAPS events, and have my first-ever ghost hunting experience with the boys!

If you could accompany TAPS during one investigation at any location in the country, which location would you go?
ANYWHERE. Seriously. I'd go ANYWHERE with those guys and gals-- I love them all to death. Trufax.

Anything else you'd like to mention?
It's a true honor to be considered for "Featured Fan of the Month"...and since I'm going to be seeing Jay and Grant in person for the FIRST TIME EVER in a few months, C'MON, JULY!!!

Onto the next, in this miniature TAPS van!

Don't recognize this van? This the van seen in the early episodes before the black and yellow TAPS van! And guess what? This fan has it!

Thanks to Dena for taking photos and being our first featured fan!

Dena also helped put some quotes together on the list above. Thanks a lot!

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