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Okay, so maybe they're not officially jobs, but here is a list of volunteer positions that we are looking to fill. If you think you have something to offer (even if we aren't looking for it at the moment) do not hesitate to apply. Understand that all these "jobs" are not paid nor have a great amount of significance in the world, but the feel good feelings are sure to last!

Position: Weekly Chat Moderator/Host
Requirement: Someone who could host a weekly chat (written via CoveritLive) for fans on Wednesday evenings. Must be able to watch the show and commit to a regular weekly schedule. Most likely during EST time zones, although this could be changed.

Position: Content Manager
Required: Someone to look over pages on this website to both check for accuracy and current relevance as well as adding to the links/pages that are part of the website. A major job would be to expand on the current (lacking) episode guides.

Position: News Poster
Required: Someone interested in posting news about the show/s on the blog. Must be able to search for news via the internet and ideally keep up to date on Twitter for the latest headlines. This person should also be able to create "original posts" on a weekly basis to interest readers and keep the site updated during periods of few news updates.

Position: Episode Reviewer/Writer
Required: Someone who watches the show on a weekly basis and would be prepared to write a summary of the episode (as seen on this site) the following day. This summary would be added to the episode guides and posted on the blog. Regular timing would be needed.

NOTE: If you would like to apply for more than one position, feel more than free to do so. Duties can be split up and delegated on a person to person basis.

Applying For A Position

To apply for any of the positions listed above or to offer any help you may posses, e-mail [email protected]. with the position title in the subject line. Please note any qualifications you may have (but feel no regret if you don't, as long as you are a fan with a passion). Feel free to share why you're fan and other interesting info about yourself (just don't be too revealing). If any questions, don't hesitate to send a quick e-mail to the same address.

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