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Here you will find a collection of Ghost Hunters related links and websites.

SyFy Websites

Ghost Hunters Headquarters
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters International
Ghost Hunters Academy
Ghost Hunters Forum
Ghost Hunters International Forum

Offical Cast Websites

The Atlantic Paranormal Society Website
Kris Williams Website
Amy Bruni Website
Britt Griffith Website
Barry Fitzgerald Online
Dustin Pari Website (Paranormal Rockstar)
Joe Chin Website

Ghost Hunters/TAPS Affiliated

Beyond Reality Radio Website
TAPS Family Website
New England Paranormal (Founded by Steve Gonsalves)
TAPS Paramagazine
The Spaulding Inn
Apparitions Ghost Hunting Video Game

Ghost Hunters/TAPS Products

SyFy Ghost Hunters Store
Top Heavy Clothing Store

Connecting with the Team
For links to cast members' Twitter, Facebook, & MySpace accounts, please visit our Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Ghost Hunters Academy info pages.


Entities-R-Us Ghost Hunter Comic



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